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Mavin Creatives is passionate about creating strong brands that communicate powerful messages using a clean and timeless approach. All forms of creativity unite to provide seamless design and strategy, with soul. With experience in design, marketing, and project management, Mavin has the skills, knowledge, and passion to bring your next project to life.

You can expect an authentic and genuine partnership when working with Mavin. One that will not only elevate your business but also grow with your company in years to come.

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Meet Nikki.


Nikki Spencer is the owner + designer behind Mavin. She likes to design stuff. Sometimes with yarn, sometimes with cake, mostly with her computer. She is a strong believer in making the world a more beautiful (and efficient) place. Thrives on helping others bring their ideas to life. Constantly intrigued with how technology shapes our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

She strongly believes in buying local, living local, celebrating community, and only washing her hair 3 days a week.


Currently, studying Minimalism. She aspires to one day, let go. 

Nikki lives in Chicago with her 3 lovely, but constantly filthy children, her man of choice, and many, many shoes. No, you may not borrow them.  Any of them.  

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